Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We have been learning all about ANZAC Day. We have been learning about the war and the soldiers and why we commemorate ANZAC Day. Some of us went in parades with Keas and Pippins. Some of us went to services at dawn and didn't even have breakfast before we went! We had some boys from R21 come and talk to us about their Field of Remembrance and we went to visit the field at school too. It really made us think a lot about soldiers and the war.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ten Party!!

We worked hard for our Ten Party! Every day if we got to ten tally marks then we got a smiley face towards our Ten Party. Once we got to ten smiley faces we got to have our Ten Party! We had golden time and class treats and music and dancing and lots of fun with Mrs Millar and our teacher aides Mrs Ashmore and Mrs Jenner. This is us with Mrs Ashmore showing our happy ten faces!!

Swimming Sports!

We had the Year 2 Swimming Gala on a beautiful sunny Friday in March. We all took part in two events like the freestyle swim, dolphin dive, noodle horse races, the floating challenge, or the beach ball push. Some of the races were really tricky like the beach ball push. The balls kept floating away in the wind so it was really hard to push them with your nose! We had so much fun.

Harold & The Life Education Van!

That's Celia and Harold the Giraffe teaching us all about life! We all loved Harold and we learned a lot of different things from him about how to stay safe.

Learning To Use The Crossing

After learning all about road safety we got to go out to use the Gossamer Drive crossing. We learning about staying safe on the side of the road, pushing the buzzer, waiting for the green man and then walking smartly to the other side. Mrs Millar waited for us all as we walked across in groups with Mrs Ashmore and then we got to come back across the road together with Mrs Millar! Then we walked on the new footpath beside the Elm Park Reserve and we walked back into school on the new pedestrian crossing right outside the school gate. We were very proud of ourselves!