Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Delicious Shared Lunch

Together with the other Year 2 classes we harvested veges from our Year 2 garden and made a stir fry. There were so many veges and we tried them all. Everybody had some and some people asked for extra helpings because they thought it was so delicious. We each tried teriyaki stir fry and sweet chili stir fry. Yum yum!!

Happy Halloween!!

We made pumpkins for Halloween. Do they look scary? We thought so!!

Kelly Sports

We were very happy to get out on the field and learn some new skills with the crew from Kelly Sports. Look at us go!!

A Special Visit From Our Bird Friends

Mrs Millar brought in her pet cockatiels Louis and Jonty for a visit. They had a great day visiting Room 11 and lots of other children came to see them too.

Vege Shop!!

Wow, we had so much fun having a stall to sell some veges from the Year 2 garden. We made signs to put up around school and lots of people came to have a look and buy something. We made some money too which will go back into our special garden.

Construction Time!!

We have a lot of fun constructing things. Look at this one - "I made an egg timer!!"

Youthtown Sports

We have been enjoying having fun with the team from Youthtown Sports. We had lots of fun races and learned some new ball skills.